We truly know that we are a “family of Whatters” around here, and what makes a group of people a family more than having a beloved family dog? We have already introduced you to our wonderful and brilliant little pup Crispin, and have discovered that company doggies are definitely all the rage. And rightfully so! Having a pet in the workplace has been proven to reduce blood pressure, help give you a positive break from the daily grind, and help elevate the collective mood and morale of the entire office.

Crispin of Compton – Soft Goods Extraordinare

Once little Crispin entered our lives, we realized that we were now officially part of a “club of working dogs” in our industry, and have heard from many of our clients and vendors that their dogs are part of their teams, too. A few weeks ago we introduced you to Sadie, helping her human return some of our rental drapes, “keeping them safe” until they reached our warehouse. It definitely would not be show business without our four-footed friends keeping track of everything going on, and keeping us all in check! Here are a few other examples of some of the hardest working pooches in the industry. (Ok, so in many of the photos the doggies look fairly mellow, but it’s just them resting a little bit between helping solve any company-wide issues that may have just come up).

Xander from Rancho Dominguez – Selling widgets since he was a pup

Yuki and Silver from LA – Planning parties like there is no tomorrow

Odie and Bear from Malibu – Making movies and catching waves

Roxy, Darth and Falco from Northern California – Making mischief along with some inspired decisions