We’d love to take this opportunity to send a great big THANK YOU to Sew What?’s very own Shane Nelson. He has worked with Sew What? for over 7 years, and in that time he has gifted our company with not only his extreme diligence, hard work, and incredible salesmanship, but he has also put such great care into making our office always look so fantastic year round! Before we know it, he has our place sparkling with gorgeous holiday decorations, and every year he helps get everyone into a festive holiday spirit, right when we need it most.

A little background on Shane might shed some light on where he gets such wonderful sense of style and holiday tradition. He has worked over 35 years as a set and stage decorator, and thrived as an art director and designer in Hollywood, designing sets for music videos, television shows, movies, and stage productions of all kinds.

Before coming to Sew What?, Shane was a very successful party planner, and has brought with him that amazing creative eye to the entire company. Using our custom stage drapes to help decorate the office year round, he uses his creativity to help make our surroundings as lovely and festive as possible.

And making sure no one is left out, he also decorates the warehouse every winter for our sewing machine operators to fully enjoy, too. Not only does he decorate for the holidays, he also keeps dozens of plants all over the building green and happy all year long, which provides necessary oxygen to help give everyone the energy to make it all the way through tour season!

We want to thank you for all that you do for the company, Shane—and make sure you know how much we appreciate the beautiful environment you provide for us year round!