I have to share just how great I think it is that there is an “underground network” of super cool production vendors who all seem to have one another’s backs when it comes to missing gear. It goes without saying that once in a while gear will get misplaced, lost or (sadly) stolen. But nothing makes for a better Monday than getting a call or an email from a supplier who wants to let us know “Hey – we got some of your gear in one of our returns…..”

We do it all the time, too – those pesky edison cables that belong to the lighting company – or the stage skirting (which looks like our drapes) that should have gone back to the staging supplier but rather, ended up in our hamper.

I think it is really great to look at what we do and who we are in terms of the “very big picture”. It isn’t just one supplier to one client – nor is it one product to one user type. We are part of a huge network – and like a fine swiss watch it takes cogs and coils and springs of all shapes and sizes to make the hands turn. If we look at the concert industry as the time teller – then we’re all incredibly important parts to the successful delivery of the hour. So it makes total sense that we support the other part of the machine – let’s all stay healthy and profitable. Looking out for one another is SUPER important. We are really proud to be a part of a very caring and actively involved local and national network of suppliers.

Thanks to all of you – production managers and fellow suppliers alike –  for always keeping an eye out for our gear! No more milk cartons needed – we got friends 🙂