Recently, I was fortunate enough to see our drapery in action at a concert by Leonard Cohen, and it was a real treat.  Any fan of Leonard Cohen knows that his deep voice, even at the age of 78, projects each and every note with a sultry, soothing  “audio decadence” that has the ability to speak to a fan base that spans generations. The simplicity and comfort of his vocals sing perfect poetry laced with heaven-like harmonies with the assistance of his back up vocalists and stringed instruments. As a fan of design and a designer myself, it is rare to find a production that is able to create a cohesive visual marriage between what the fans are hearing with their ears and what they are seeing with their eyes.

For this production, Sew What Inc. provided Grey Sharkstooth Scrim legs and backdrops sewn with 50% fullness. It was used in an non-traditional way by projecting light through front lighting, while complimentary colors were used to backlight – giving the pleats in the scrim the optical illusion of being gauzy and transparent, yet at the same time, giving more dimension and depth through the use of color. Sew What also provided 3 Braille-style digitally-printed backdrops that were used at the beginning, intermission, and end of the show. Each drop was veiled by a scrim drop that was lit in way that caused a muted and ghostly effect to visually symbolize a timelessness of Leonard’s voice.


I love the way that the custom stage curtains provided by Sew What? complemented the sultry romanticism of the music – it is so inspiring to know that we were part of such a beautiful concert.