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Monthly Archives: November 2012

20 11, 2012

Rent What?’s Optional Damage Waiver – To waive it or to take it?

By |November 20th, 2012|Education|2 Comments

Occasionally, @#$& happens. Daily even, if you are on tour! Rather than force you to “eat” the repair costs (which can chew into your production budget), we offer a small Damage Waiver protection fee when you place your order. Then, if something bad happens to your drapes, we will make repairs or handle cleaning at no extra charge within the limit specified on your order.

It works like this – you rent $1200.00 worth of white pipe and drape for a ballroom wedding. The Bride and Groom decide to throw cake at each other in the heat of the moment– and voila! Now you got yourself some Cake-Drapery. So – in this case the cleaning fees would be in the range of $400.00 to get them laundered and re-flameproofed. Without the pre-paid damage waiver in place you would be billed this additionally at the time of the return. With the damage waiver in place (a pre-pay of $150.00 on a $1200.00 order) you just plain old “don’t hear from us again”…….

Here’s another – You rent two pop up dressing rooms for less than $500.00 for your local Cheer Team to prep for the Friday night High School football game. While you aren’t looking the girls have professed their love for the goalie and signed their names in red lipstick on the inside of it – nothing like making memories.   The long term memory for you with the optional Damage Waiver ($75.00 on an order totaling less than $500.00) will be………. NO MEMORY – yes – you got it – you won’t hear from us. Of course, without the waiver, sadly the lipstick won’t wash out and the textiles need replacing. Expect a bill of close to $800.00 on that one.

Lost items are not covered – so don’t leave anything behind. But do consider the optional Damage Waiver next time you place your order with us…… Some clients say “why bother? – I have insurance already.” Of course – that is understood. You should have! But do you want to lodge a claim with a typically hefty deductible for the sake of some dirty drapes? That is the question. Up to you – that is why we make it “optional!” It is innovative, yes. Like us.

Of course – there is some blah blah to read – on the website FAQ’s ( for those that want to scrub to the nitty gritty – but I’m yet to have a client who regretted taking the waiver – only the opposite has been my experience……..

Hey – ever seen a stagehand walk mindlessly across a seamless white cyc? LOL – we have!

16 11, 2012

What’s Behind a “Name”? A Drape!

By |November 16th, 2012|Authors, Company, Products|0 Comments

Was listening to the chatter in the office the other day – “so and so” on the TV and “whose-a-me-watch-it” on tour…….. Had to laugh to myself – as one would tend to expect that the conversation would evolve to be about a stage concert – a live theatre performance – great musicianship – or an artist’s choice of encore even. But no – alas – we talk about ……….The Drapes. Indeed, what we love to talk about is the Industrial Textures Metal Mesh “behind” the singer – or our White Voile with Low Tech LED’s being obstructed by the band riser….

YES – You gotta love it – I think that is a sign of our collective passion for our products.  Sew What? is 16 years in business now, and Rent What? approaching 4 – and I can confidently state that you can’t pay someone to care about a product – not a company representative NOR a client. Indeed, passion comes where interest or need meets performance……Not just product performance – but people performance. We love what we do and we stand behind what we consider are the rockin’est stage drapes and backdrops you can get. Yes – it’s love. And our clients can tell!

So, speaking of love – and being in front of the drape – here’s our very own Gwen Winter – blocking the view of a very nice Red Austrian from Rent What?’s Rockin’ Red series…. LOL. WE LUV’YA GWEN. Now there’s a Gal with Passion!……….move outta the way would ya? 😉

13 11, 2012

Layering Stage Drapes for a Unique Look: Part 2

By |November 13th, 2012|Products, Projects|1 Comment

In my next entry in the Rent What? “Layering Series”, I’d love to showcase our gorgeous seasonal drapes that look especially fantastic when layered with drapes from one of our corresponding collections. This first example is from a recent David Archuleta Tour, in which the set designers wanted to be sure to create a look that was going to be versatile enough to use for the entire concert. They started with some very rich Gold Supervel drapes from our Timeless and Traditional Drape Series. Using our Gold Supervel headers, Swags, Swagettes, and Legs, they were able to create the perfect framing for the stage. Next they added some of our velvety red bows to help tie back the Gold Supervel Legs, and large holiday decorative Christmas ornaments, which are made from a very sturdy plastic which allows them to be durable yet lightweight enough to help decorate any sort of stage design.

All of this is hung in front of our charming and delight