We absolutely love to see the photos our wonderful clients send us with our drapes, traveller track, and solenoid systems being used out in the world, and see just how clever and creative they can be with our rental goods. However, we also love seeing our bags, hampers, etc. in a more “accidental” fashion, too, like backstage at X-Factor and Dancing With The Stars.

Recently one of our favorite clients AMP’d Entertainment’s owner Arteen Kharrat sent us a fantastic photo of his dog Sadie helping with the “returning process”. They were bringing back one of our scrims they had rented, which was placed inside one of Rent What?’s signature bright neon green bags. Apparently that seemed to be the perfect comfort level and “viewing height” for their precious dog Sadie to sit upon the entire ride over here (almost 30 miles). Looks like Sadie has good taste!! (She and Crispin would have a lot to talk about!). Thanks for sending us this adorable photo, Arteen!