Last week, we were excited to learn that this blog was featured by Dell Social Business Connection in a post on how other companies can utilize our blog as an example of ways to be “thought leaders” in their own industries.  All of us involved with the blog were so excited to be recognized.  Star Marketing designed a beautiful, easy to navigate design for us.  Each of our contributors has his or her own distinctive voice, but all fit within our overall “brand voice.”  We showcase our expertise, celebrate our projects, and try to provide our readers with content that is varied and interesting and engaging.  We are so honored that our hard work has been recognized by Dell as a model for other companies considering moving into the area of blogging.

This got me thinking about the history of this blog.  As the “blogmaster,” I became involved at the inception, on March 24, 2009, with the official launch of the blog and its first post.  When the blog first started, I was the primary author, with Megan Duckett also contributing from time to time.  It was a new experience for me, learning the mechanics of a new platform, coming up with new and interesting topics, writing posts two to three times a week.  There were times when I got writer’s block and worried that my posts were uninspired.  Other times, I was flooded with ideas.

Over the last 385 posts (and almost four years), there have been some changes to the blog.  I have remained the “blog master,” but I am posting less frequently now to allow some of our other talented staff members to shine in the blog arena.  John Rios has provided great insight into the world of graphic art and digital printing.  Marianne Lopez came on board early this year to provide a perspective from Rent What? Inc., focusing on rental drapery and operations, and since has evolved into posting on subjects applicable to both companies.  And of course, Megan continues to contribute a unique perspective gained from over fifteen years in the field of custom stage curtains.

That leads me back to the title of this blog.  Why do we do it?  We do it for you, our readers.  We want to inform you, educate you, inspire you, entertain you.  Hopefully, we have succeeded in our goal, and will continue to succeed for years to come.