A popular trend with a lot of stage productions, special events, and concerts this year has been to layer different styles of drapes to create a dynamic and unique look for their stage design. I wanted to give our readers some examples of how amazingly creative our clients can be with layering our rental drapes. Each drapery collection contains a varied selection of drape sizes and styles, all of which work and play beautifully together to create a fully designed scene. You can order as many or as few pieces from the collections as you wish. (Yes, you can even mix and match if you like!) The more interesting the stage design is, the more it helps to make an exciting look for their audience to remember long after the show is over.

The first example in my “layering” series is with Rent What? Inc’s Silver Satin Series, which is one of the most diverse series of large scale theatrical rental drapes that we offer. Stage designers near and far are appreciating how radiant and eclectic these drapes are, and that they stand alone just as beautifully as they do layered with one another to make an extremely captivating display.

Jennifer Hudson rocked these gorgeous drapes for a recent concert tour, and her designers were thrilled with how well it worked for their vision. Using the dramatic 30h x 60w Silver Satin Austrian almost as a backdrop cyc, then creating an ornate look by adding 24h x 40w and 16h x 30w Silver Satin Swags, and then finishing the look with two beautiful 28h x 10w Silver Satin Legs, her stage designer created a stage style that was both glamorous and exciting for her audience. Mixed with various colored lighting designs, they were able to seamlessly change the mood between different sets, making the show that much more enthralling.

The Cranberries also were able to recently utilize the same Silver Satin Swags, Swagettes, and Legs on their tour, but also complimented the look by layering them all in front of our Low-Tech White Voile LED drapes, too. As you can see, the lights were able to shine through the material, creating an extremely textured and vibrant stage design that helped create the exact look they were going for.

Our Silver Satin series of rental stage drapes all layer beautifully with one another to help create a very unique and classy look for any special event. Next time you are interested in renting a Silver Satin drape, consider layering it with other drapes in the series to help make a truly dazzling display that will completely blow your audience away!