We have told you in the past about some of the different specialty drapery collections available at Rent What?  With such diverse options, from “Rockin’ Red” to “Silver Satin” to “Industrial Texture,” there is something that will fit almost any mood or design.  Today I wanted to share with you our newest collection, which we debuted just about a year ago (Megan told you a little bit about it when it first debuted).

Rental Drapery ProfileOh So Swanky


IFR Mylar, Silver and Gold

IFR Mirror Disks, Gold

FR Domino, Gold

FR Satin, Silver

A La Carte Elements:

Stage jewelry to dazzle the hippest crowd – choose just enough bijoux to bring out the beauty in your event.

Why we love it:

Swanky is a girl’s best friend….and a stage designer’s dream. We think that modular pieces allowing you to swag, drag, and swing in time with the music is the way to go. We love glitter and gold – don’t you?

Famous Friends:

Our Rat Pack razzle dazzle collection has bejeweled John Legend’s stage. Speaking of “get-up-and-go”, the GoGos found plenty of with our mylar stage backdrops.

Most Compatible With:

Accessorize to taste – but try seasoning with some Rockin Red or bling up some Delightably White Velours.


“Looks frickin’ awesome! The drape was perfect and is exactly why I use you guys.” Lots of love going around.