Not a day goes by when I am not thankful for those who surround us – new friends, old acquaintances, vendors of yesteryear and mentors of tomorrow. I am told “you only get out what you put in” – so it may well be a testament to having held on (barely at times) to a community minded, family-first business model for all these years.

Sitting on a flight recently I struck a conversation with a retired aviation purchasing agent who was seated next to me. Before you know it, we have discovered business connections on a dozen levels. Aside from the discovery that his son is one of our clients, there is plenty more to chatter about; the entertainment industry, small business challenges, workers compensation, taxes, funding, HR… LOL. Well, you know the story.

So what a delight – when recently I received the greatest compliment to our team possible, by way of a follow up email from my air-bound buddy. “My eldest son knows about your company and he’s very familiar with you guys and paid you a great compliment! He said he thought you were really on top of your game, great to work with and deliver the quality of what’s needed to make the show successful.”


So back to the moment here – we will keep the “roller-doors” open – may the winds of change and inspiration keep us rockin’ and stitchin’. Seaming together the largest life quilt ever – one stitch at a time.