I was thinking recently about what it means to be a catalog company – or more importantly to us – not a catalog company.

I confess – I love nothing more than the convenience of looking at pictures, seeing a description and then reading the endless consumer reports on any given product. With the internet has come the voices of the nations – fear not – there is an opinion for everything – good, bad or indifferent. If you want it – someone else has had it or done it or worse yet is about to do it

I used an online catalog recently when shopping for a pair of slacks online – and indeed – they were perfect. That was until I found myself waiting in line at Starbucks a week later behind two other women all wearing the same pants. I think to myself….. bad enough that I am “one of them,” but now I even “look like” one of them. Hysterical! I’m all for consumerism – but individualism must prevail!

So – perhaps it has been my leery fear of this phenomenon that has led us to shout from the fly rails………  KILLER SHOWS DON’T COME FROM CATALOGS!

We are here for those that say No to look-alike performance spaces – for the few stage hands left standing who aren’t afraid to wear color – and for the industry vets who aren’t afraid to mix old with new and couture with (dare I say) cheap.

Happy to be here to provide the stage “Bijoux” as you might say. Accessories make the moment, just as an Austrian Stage Drape will steal the scene……. We are also good for the day to day standards – the Levi’s and white T-Shirt – that are the Scrims, the Cycs, Backdrops and the stage masking drapes.

But ………no point and click shopping carts here….. just conversations.

Look forward to chatting with you again soon.