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Monthly Archives: August 2012

31 08, 2012

Four Year Fiesta

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Recently here at Rent What? and Sew What? we were able to celebrate 4 entire years of an “injury free work environment”. We truly understand that this is something that is not to be taken lightly, especially in a sewing shop with scissors, sewing machines, rolling machines, heavy rolls of fabric, a forklift, and so much more potential for injury. We are so proud of our employees for this accomplishment. Not only are our employees some of the hardest working people in the industry, but they are extremely diligent, tenacious, and safety-conscious too!

To help us celebrate properly, Megan Duckett arranged to have a Mariachi Band play for us at lunch, while we ate the most delicious catered and made-to-order street tacos, followed by a decadent layered cake to help keep everyone’s energy up! Our amazing employees got to really feel the excitement of the band, while several even braved the microphone for some impromptu singing with the band, too. Everyone got up and danced at one point (how could we resist?), much to the delight of those with cameras and video capabilities. It was a fantastic way to celebrate all of the hard work our employees give the company day in and day out, and a very generous showing of appreciation by management, too. We truly are a “family of What-ers” here, and having these fiestas is a wonderful way to keep the camaraderie alive and well!

28 08, 2012

Stardrop on Stage

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One of the proudest moments we get to experience here at Rent What? Inc. is when we hear back from our clients, and hear how great our theatrical rental drapes worked with their show, production, concert or other special event. We love it even more when our client sends us wonderful pictures of our drapes “in action”, being used to help create the exactly right mood and feel to their staging.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Boyd / Stage Center LA

Recently, we had the honor of working with Stage Center LA (for Louisiana), who performed Elton John and Tim Rice’s timeless musical “Aida”. They used one of our gorgeous 30 x15 Stardrop LED drapes for some integral scenes in the production, and the drape worked out absolutely perfect! These inherently flameproof rental drapes are lightweight, have very easy to use grommets and ties, and can be rotated so that they can either be 30’ high or 30’ wide, making them extremely flexible with stage settings of various sizes. Show photographer Michael Boyd captured everything perfectly, and generously allowed us to share his photos with our blog readers to illustrate how beautifully the drape worked out with their production.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Boyd / Stage Center LA

We love hearing from our clients about how successful their event was, and we really love knowing that we are a part of the magic. Next time you are looking for a rich, gorgeous, versatile, and completely unique drape for your stage or ballroom, consider renting one of our beautiful and twinkly Stardrop LED drapes, and you won’t be disappointed either!

Photo Courtesy of Michael Boyd / Stage Center LA
24 08, 2012

The Power of the People

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Not a day goes by when I am not thankful for those who surround us – new friends, old acquaintances, vendors of yesteryear and mentors of tomorrow. I am told “you only get out what you put in” – so it may well be a testament to having held on (barely at times) to a community minded, family-first business model for all these years.

Sitting on a flight recently I struck a conversation with a retired aviation purchasing agent who was seated next to me. Before you know it, we have discovered business connections on a dozen levels. Aside from the discovery that his son is one of our clients, there is plenty more to chatter about; the entertainment industry, small business challenges, workers compensation, taxes, funding, HR… LOL. Well, you know the story.

So what a delight – when recently I received the greatest compliment to our team possible, by way of a follow up email from my air-bound buddy. “My eldest son knows about your company and he’s very familiar with you guys and paid you a great compliment! He said he thought you were really on top of your game, great to work with and deliver the quality of what’s needed to make the show successful.”


So back to the moment here – we will keep the “roller-doors” open – may the winds of change and inspiration keep us rockin’ and stitchin’. Seaming together the largest life quilt ever – one stitch at a time.

21 08, 2012

Austrian Drapes – No Lift System Required

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Sometimes, a customer wants the look of an Austrian Curtain, but doesn’t have the need (or required equipment) for the drape to lift.  The solution?  A non-operable Austrian Curtain.

A non-operable Austrian Curtain has the appearance of a standard (operating) Austrian – all the smiles / small swags – without the D-rings on the back.  Since it will remain in a stationery down position, no complicated lift system is required.  The curtain is sewn with a standard top finish – typically webbing with sewn twill ties – and tied directly onto  truss.  The curtain serves as a beautiful backdrop to the show or special event, without the added expense or hassle of a lift system.

Recently we had a customer, Audio Dimensions of Albuquerque,  purchase a gorgeous non-operable Austrian.  At 16′ h x 40′ w, this Grey Super-Vel drape looks beautiful under lighting.  Take a look at these images – I’m sure you’ll agree!


 Image courtesy of Jon Glasrud, Audio Dimensions


 Image courtesy of Jon Glasrud, Audio Dimensions

Image courtesy of Jon Glasrud, Audio Dimensions 

Naturally, there are times when nothing but an operable Austrian Curtain will do.  Consider the drama of an Austrian Curtain slowly raising to reveal the scene behind.

But if you are looking for a gorgeous backdrop to a show, and you don’t have the need to lift the curtain, consider the possibility of a non-operable Austrian.

17 08, 2012

Catalogs and Killer Shows

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I was thinking recently about what it means to be a catalog company – or more importantly to us – not a catalog company.

I confess – I love nothing more than the convenience of looking at pictures, seeing a description and then reading the endless consumer reports on any given product. With the internet has come the voices of the nations – fear not – there is an opinion for everything – good, bad or indifferent. If you want it – someone else has had it or done it or worse yet is about to do it

I used an online catalog recently when shopping for a pair of slacks online – and indeed – they were perfect. That was until I found myself waiting in line at Starbucks a week later behind two other women all wearing the same pants. I think to myself….. bad enough that I am “one of them,” but now I even “look like” one of them. Hysterical! I’m all for consumerism – but individualism must prevail!

So – perhaps it has been my leery fear of this phenomenon that has led us to shout from the fly rails………  KILLER SHOWS DON’T COME FROM CATALOGS!

We are here for those that say No to look-alike performance spaces – for the few stage hands left standing who aren’t afraid to wear color – and for the industry vets who aren’t afraid to mix old with new and couture with (dare I say) cheap.

Happy to be here to provide the stage “Bijoux” as you might say. Accessories make the moment, just as an Austrian Stage Drape will steal the scene……. We are also good for the day to day standards – the Levi’s and white T-Shirt – that are the Scrims, the Cycs, Backdrops and the stage masking drapes.

But ………no point and click shopping carts here….. just conversations.

Look forward to chatting with you again soon.