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Monthly Archives: July 2012

30 07, 2012

PLSN showcases Death Cab for Cutie

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Rent What? is thrilled to recently be a part of the amazing staging design for Death Cab For Cutie’s (DCFC) Spring Tour.  By providing some gorgeous rental drapes for their concert tour, we were able to help the brilliant and innovative Lighting Designer and Director for the DCFC concert tour, Michelle Sarrat, create the different visions she had for each of the band’s various songs. We were able to rent them some very dramatic and shimmery 30’hx10’6”w Pleated Silver Tergalet panels from our Silver Satin Collection. These extremely versatile, light-reflecting drapes were framed beautifully by our Red Supervel Swagged Header and 28’h x 15’w Pleated Red Supervel panels, which are from our Rockin’ Red Collection. With the use of our drapes and some creative lighting effects, Michelle was able to create some very special and unique looks throughout the show.

We were also very appreciative that they chose to mention us in PLSN’s July Issue as the provider of the soft goods for this tour. As one of the industry’s leading magazines on everything to do with staging, lighting, and projection design for concert tours and special events, we were very honored to be mentioned alongside the rest of the industry’s best of the best. It’s very exciting and rewarding to be able to work with such amazing and talented people like Michelle, Andy Hayward (DCFC’s Tour Manager) and Chris “Reno” McLendon (DCFC’s Production Manager), and we look forward to working with them again sometime very soon!

26 07, 2012

Hottest Band in the World Comes to Sew What?

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A few weeks ago I got the call to create a piece of art I had dreamed about doing since I was in grade school. I was a card carrying member of the KISS Army back in eighth grade and being an artist, the ultimate assignment would obviously be to create something for the band. The call came in that they wanted a new drum riser piece for the new tour with Motley Crue.

After my head stopped spinning, I quickly went to work looking for a reference that showed detail of the two iconic cats that are traditionally on the riser. Scouring the Internet, I was unable to find anything really detailed. I had to draw on my memory of opening the KISS ALIVE II album and seeing the cats image for the first time. I did findsome small images but the details had to be imagined. So I went to work, keeping in mind that I should “Let go” and not worry about the exact details of what had been done in the past, but instead concentrate on capturing the attitude and feel. The cats faces were the first graphic elements to be done, then I moved on the bodies and explosion at the bottom.

The new version is a combination of a few different versions, structurally, from a historical content standpoint. The cats are covered in a completely unique animal stripe pattern that I developed for this project, printed on a metallic gold material, appliqued to black fabric and outfitted with lighted eyes. It’s all KISS!

There are some great photos of it on Flickr – check it out!

13 07, 2012

Client Appreciation

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We keep saying that here at Rent What? Inc., we have the most innovative, creative, industrious, and exciting clients in the business. One of the best ways we communicate with our clients is by getting feedback from them on a regular basis. We love hearing how things worked out fantastically for their events, and we also love hearing how we might be able to improve things for their events to have worked out a little differently, too.

By having such a large variety of clients, ranging from high-profile concert tours, production companies, trade shows, school events, television series, church productions, and everything in between, it is crucial that we are able to keep the lines of communication open with our clients at all times. We don’t just want to say that we have “Extreme Service,” but we want to PROVE that we have “Extreme Service” at every possible occasion.

Check out some of the testimonials we’ve recently received, and please feel free to also respond to our blog if you ever have anything you would like to suggest to us or comment about. We appreciate our clients so much, and strive to be the easiest and most effective company you will ever deal with.

5 07, 2012

Sew What and Rent What on You Tube and Flickr

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If you haven’t visited our You Tube and/or Flickr pages recently, I highly recommend it!  We have made some major upgrades to both sites, and I think the changes are really impressive.

We first started our You Tube channel back in September 2008, but over years, and especially in the last few months, we have added many new videos along with informative descriptions and key words.  Here’s a taste of just one of the videos in our channel:


 Another exciting feature of our YouTube channel is that most of the videos also include links to related still photos on our Flickr Photostream.  So, if you like what you see on the video, you can easily open up a still photo on Flickr to see more on that project.