This is definitely the time of year that concert tours start taking the country by storm. Whether you need a border to mask a lighting or speaker truss, a large drape to mask hidden surprises off stage, or multiple drapes to mask off an entire arena or help create “negative space” between other specialty drapes, Rent What? Inc.’s DFR Black Encore Velour rental masking drapes are a must for any small or large-scale production. This material is perfect for tours and concerts especially because of its inherent flame resistance and extreme durability. Our masking drapes are sewn flat, vertically seamed, and unlined to help make sure they work as a perfect mask to cover anything you need. They are topped with webbing, hidden sewn ties, and 1” female Velcro, allowing you to use them either as a truss border or even a skirt if desired. We have a huge selection of sizes to fit almost every type of venue and masking scenario.

Just recently we’ve had the pleasure of helping mask off arenas for some wildly popular tours across the country. Everyone from Van Halen, Eric Church, Drake, and X-Factor Tour have all recently rented our black masking drapes for their important performances this season already.

And masking drapes aren’t just for music tours.  Masking drapes are also a great way to make a divide a large room and provide a backdrop for a special event or presentation.  Here’s an example:

We know that no matter how big or small your masking necessities are, we will be able to help you get exactly what you will need for your event to be a success!