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Monthly Archives: June 2012

19 06, 2012

It’s time to make it “rain” this summer

By |June 19th, 2012|Products|2 Comments

Rent What? Inc. offers a huge variety of gorgeous, rich, velvety drapes for all sorts of events and productions. But what do you do if you or your clients want something a little different– something a little more sparkly, with a little more “pizzazz” than traditional draping might offer? We have some amazing drapes that are sure to be a huge hit for your special event, concert, production, trade show, reception, party, and anything else you would want them for. Available from our “Oh So Swanky” collection of drapes are our fabulous Mylar Rain Curtains (check out 503 and 504 for perfect examples). These light as air metallic rental drapes are completely easy to install and extremely durable, and they add something very special to what might otherwise be “ho-hum” staging.

These drapes have webbing and hidden ties on top, and loose, flowy 2 inch strips of silver metallic mylar hanging from them all the way to the ground. We offer sizes 10ft high by 10ft wide, 25ft high by 15ft wide, and 25ft high by 30ft wide drapes, so you’re sure to have something perfect for your set-up. These beautiful rental drapes add a lot of texture and sparkle to what might otherwise be a very plain, boring stage or theatre. With dramatic or colorful lighting, these drapes can take on and reflect whatever color scheme your event needs, making them incredibly versatile, festive, and unique. You can also layer these drapes with different colored draping behind them for even more added flair and dimension. We are so proud that the folks at Glee have made these immensely popular this past year (check out the clip “I Will Always Love You”), as well as them being used beautifully on the Go Go’s recent tour, too.

Why don’t you consider adding some “Rain” to your next special event, and watch as it completely transforms your event into something magical!

7 06, 2012

Font Conversion and Embedded Images

By |June 7th, 2012|Education|1 Comment

Lots of designers like to use Adobe Illustrator to create graphics for digital printing. Personally, I love to work in Illustrator. The files tend to be very small, they resize (ie: scale up) usually without a problem, and they print beautifully. I have, however, run into a common problem with some of the .eps, .ai and .pdf files I’ve received lately so I thought it might be a good time to pass along a tip. One thing you should know is that we don’t print directly from a .pdf file. It’s ok to send them, but we will be converting them to a file that we can use.  Depending on the file complexity and/or number of files you need printed, this could add cost to your project. This said, when laying out your artwork, there are two very important things to remember.  First, embed your images if you’re using photos or other raster files. Linked images all need to be embedded before they go to press, so if you do it before you send it, it helps reduce graphic time on our end and could save you money. Second, always remember to convert your fonts to outlines. We have thousands of fonts, but not every font, and converting fonts to outlines helps eliminate or reduce the possibility that your art will shift, change or have conflicts.

5 06, 2012

Masking the Stage

By |June 5th, 2012|Products|2 Comments

This is definitely the time of year that concert tours start taking the country by storm. Whether you need a border to mask a lighting or speaker truss, a large drape to mask hidden surprises off stage, or multiple drapes to mask off an entire arena or help create “negative space” between other specialty drapes, Rent What? Inc.’s DFR Black Encore Velour rental masking drapes are a must for any small or large-scale production. This material is perfect for tours and concerts especially because of its inherent flame resistance and extreme durability. Our masking drapes are sewn flat, vertically seamed, and unlined to help make sure they work as a perfect mask to cover anything you need. They are topped with webbing, hidden sewn ties, and 1” female Velcro, allowing you to use them either as a truss border or even a skirt if desired. We have a huge selection of sizes to fit almost every type of venue and masking scenario.

Just recently we’ve had the pleasure of helping mask off arenas for some wildly popular tours across the country. Everyone from Van Halen, Eric Church, Drake, and X-Factor Tour have all recently rented our black masking drapes for their important performances this season already.

And masking drapes aren’t just for music tours.  Masking drapes are also a great way to make a divide a large room and provide a backdrop for a special event or presentation.  Here’s an example:

We know that no matter how big or small your masking necessities are, we will be able to help you get exactly what you will need for your event to be a success!