Patriarc is an all-purpose heavy duty stage curtain track especially designed for large and reverse curved stages, such as in very large venues such as opera houses which need to accommodate an arced stage curtain or large cyclorama. With 7 gauge extruded aluminum I-beam construction, Patriarc is available in the standard aluminum finish or in a black finish.

Used extensively for curved operations, Patriarc is custom curved at the factory, and therefore, if a curved track is required, a scaled drawing of the desired track configuration is requested at the time of quoting / ordering.

While curved Patriarc curtain track is available in a manually-operated cord-drawn operation, we recommend selection of a motorized operation for curved configurations. Walk-along, cord-drawn, or motorized are all appropriate for straight track configurations. Cord-drawn and motorized operations may be configured to a variety of lengths, dependent on the specific layout desired, with no maximum track length specified. Patriarc will accommodate a maximum curtain of up to 30 pounds per foot of track.

As Partriarc can accommodate the added weight, it is the perfect choice to carry Grand Drapes constructed with 100% fullness from a heavy weight theatrical velour such as 25oz Memorable Velour or 32oz Magic Velour.