The premier heavy duty curtain track choice for larger traditional theatres, performing arts centers, civic auditoriums, and larger universities and high schools, Silent Steel is a box-shaped track constructed of 14 gauge galvanized steel and is available in the standard steel finish as well as in a black finish. Silent Steel is considered the larger version of Besteel, allowing for a longer maximum length and heavier curtain weight.

As Silent Steel track channel is box-shaped, it cannot be curved, either onsite or at the factory, and therefore cord-drawn and motorized models are available for a straight track configuration only. However, if a walk-along model is selected, prefabricated curved sections ranging from 45 degrees to 90 degrees are available and can be attached to a straight section of track to create a simple curve shape (such as a wide “U”).

Walk-along, cord-drawn and motorized are all available options with Silent Steel. Cord-drawn and motorized operations may be configured for a maximum length of 60 feet or 80 feet, depending on the model selected. Walk-along models may be configured at any length. Maximum curtain weight for Silent Steel curtain track ranges from 20 pounds to 50 pounds per foot of track, depending on the specific model chosen.

As Silent Steel can accommodate the added weight, it is the perfect choice to carry Grand Drapes constructed with 100% fullness from a heavy weight theatrical velour such as 25oz Memorable Velour or 32oz Magic Velour.