One of the coolest and most innovative rental products here at Rent What? Inc. is definitely our one-of-a-kind Pop-Up Portable Dressing Rooms. These 8’x8’ portable dressing rooms are made with durable steel frames, have a flat roof/ceiling, and are covered in flame retardant weather-proof Roadura, which is black on the outside and white on the inside (to better refract and reflect the light, respectively). There is Velcro on the door to help enable better privacy. The entire kit weighs only around 100 lbs and is easily transported and stored in a rolling case, which also includes a mirror and clip-on light fixture. These Pop-Ups can be used for all sorts of special events, fashion shows, and concert tours, and are great both indoors and outdoors. The instructions that come with each unit make them super easy to put together and take apart without the use of any tools.

We’ve discovered that our clients aren’t using our rental Pop-Up Portable Dressing Rooms as just dressing rooms anymore. These units are extremely versatile and are now being rented for any event where additional privacy is desired in a quick, easy, safe, and portable fashion. We have clients renting them as tech rooms for concerts and productions, as quick-change dressing rooms offstage at major concert venues and small private shows, as small projection screening rooms for independent films, and most recently, as shadowboxes for specialty themed events and parties to add a little “pizzazz” to the event.

The sky’s the limit with how you can utilize these rental Pop-Up Portable Dressing Rooms, and we would love to see in what unique fashion your company can use them for!