Here at Rent What? Inc., we are always excited to be a part of huge, world-famous events that our clients put on. Currently our rental drapes are being used by a mega-hit show that is now on tour in Las Vegas for the summer, and possibly longer. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Dancing With The Stars®, performing live at the beautiful Tropicana Hotel and Casino in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip! One of the great things about this show is how many set designs and staging they change for every performance, making it a very dynamic show with amazing, talented dancers and absolutely gorgeous scenery. Starring some of the show’s most popular and talented dancers from past seasons, this show is already becoming a huge hit.

We were lucky enough to be able to provide rental drapes from both our Rockin’ Red Series and our Oh So Swanky series of draping, among others, for this show. Our Mylar Rain Curtains add a wonderful splash of sparkle behind some fantastically fast dance moves, and our Red Supervel Brail and Pleated drapes add some richness and dramatic coloring behind some very dramatic dancing.

The look and feel that the dance troupe and their crew pulls off for every performance is extremely impressive, and explains why this new show in is quickly becoming one of the Strip’s most popular “must-see events”. We are thrilled to be a part of this show, and hope that you have the opportunity to check it out sometime very soon!