Springtime is finally in full swing, and with that comes the start of Summer, too. Rent What? loves to be a part of our clients’ End of Year Banquets, Yearly Awards Shows, Wedding Celebrations, and of course all of the many concert tours that are starting to sweep our country. One of our most eclectic and gorgeous drapes would be absolutely perfect for these events, and for any special event that you may want to add some soft shimmer to. That rental drape is our 24’x40’ Ivory Satin Austrian, from our Delightably White Series.  This drape is stunning just by itself with regular room lighting. But once you add a little bit of color and specialty lighting from above, below, in front, or behind, you will be blown away with the variations in feel and design you can create from just one single drape!

Take a look at how creamy and decadent this drape looks with just regular room lighting:

Now take a look at how unbelievably beautiful and dazzling this drape can be with a little bit of imagination and creative lighting choices:

However you decide to use this drape, you and your guests will NOT be disappointed by its sheer elegance and versatility