We here at Rent What? Inc. love helping our clients create the beautiful scenery for their events that they always dreamed of. Recently we had one of our favorite clients, Lasertech Productions, use several of our rental Stardrop LED Drapes to make a gorgeous backdrop of stars for a event they had in Las Vegas for a very special client. Since we offer sizes ranging from 30’ x 7’ to 30’ x 15’ (and these types of drapes can be “rotated” to have either dimension be the width or height), this offers our clients a lot of flexibility with how they can hang our drapes, and enables them to create the exact look they are going for.

Photo Courtesy of Linda and Michael Werner, Lasertech Productions

By easily connecting our rental Stardrop LED Drapes to one another with the attached velcro tabs along each side, and utilizing the DMX controller that comes with each drape, these clients were able to make a seamless wall of twinkly lights to create the magical illusion of a starry night. It was exactly what the client had envisioned, and we could not have been more thrilled for them!