One of the most popular effects for Rent What? Inc.’s clients is using a Kabuki Drop. That is when you take some drapes, hang them using a solenoid system, and watch the audience go wild when the drapes are dropped in a dramatic moment of flair, usually to reveal the band or some other surprise hiding behind. Originally these systems were primarily used for bands on stage wanting to add some excitement to an opening number, or as an effective way to add some “punch” to a special song. We have been renting these systems out for years in that capacity. However, recently they have been getting requested more and more for events that we never would have imagined!

Lately we’ve been having requests for them from everything from new airplane “reveals”, schools using them to spice up talent shows, and even churches adding some fun to their weekly sermons. Case in point, recently we had one of our favorite clients, New Life Church in Renton, Washington, contact us for help with a sort of “practical joke” they wanted to play on one of the ministers giving a sermon. They ended up using the solenoid system on a rubber trash can filled with over 2000 ping pong balls.

When they wanted to have them drop (as a surprise to the minister), they used the controller to drop the edge of the trash can just like they would a drape. Down came the thousands of ping pong balls onto the minister, much to the delight of the audience (and to the genuine surprise of the minister)!

Kabuki Drops add so much fun and excitement to any event—and it seems like the sky’s the limit with how they can be used! Rent What? Inc. truly enjoys getting to help create these incredibly memorable moments for all of our clients’ special events.