Last week, I posted on times when it might be better to buy pipe and drape.  Today, I’d like to give you information on the rental side, with information on times when it’s better to rent pipe and drape rather than to purchase it outright.


If you only do 1 or 2 local trade shows or other similar types of events a year, and never really know what your booth set-up or configuration will be, then it would be much smarter to rent your pipe and base hardware and draping each time you need it. Counting on the inventory you might have isn’t always dependable, and then you’re stuck at the last minute having to figure out what else you may need to supplement your own supply of goods. If you rent from us each time, we can help you figure out exactly how much pipe and drape you will need for each specific event, taking all of the guess work out of it for you.


If you are based in Southern California, it’s often much less expensive to rent everything you need for those occasional special events or productions.  This is especially the case if the event is also in Southern California, eliminating the need to ship the pipe and drape or worry about how the price of fuel is going to affect your overall rental price due to increasingly higher shipping costs.


Depending on the size of your company, sometimes it’s easier to rent everything when you need it, rather than having to find a place to store everything and then pull it out every time another conference, convention or special event comes around. Pipe and Drape can take up a lot of room, and the hardware is sometimes of an awkward shape and size, so it can take a lot of stress out of the occasion to not have to worry about where you will be able to safely store everything all year long.


Renting is perfect for larger events in which you need a lot of pipe and base hardware and drapery that you wouldn’t normally ever need again. This is especially true if you know it’s going to be a massively large one-time event, in which you don’t want to have to worry about dealing with storing everything afterwards. It also makes sense to rent pipe and base hardware if the event is very small and requires odd sizes of equipment different from those you expect to need for typical events in the future.


If you have a local event in Southern California, no matter how big or small, renting can be a great option for you when you want someone to come to your event site and install everything, then come back when it’s over and strike and return everything too. That eliminates the worry of possibly not having the booths set up correctly, or not knowing how to install everything yourself. If you rent from us, we can be sure that everything is exactly the way you want it, and then when it’s over we’ll take it all away from you so you won’t have to lift a finger.

So, basically, here are some rules of thumb that will help you decide if renting is the best way to go:

  • You only have one or two trade shows or events each year, and you never really know exactly what your configuration will be.
  • You or your event are located in Southern California, so that shipping isn’t required, and you can come by and pick everything up without a problem or have us deliver/pickup everything for you.
  • You are a smaller company and don’t have a place to safely store pipe and drape year round in between your trade shows or special events.
  • The event you are planning is so huge that you know you would probably never need that much pipe and drape again, or so small that you know that any future needs would require different sized equipment and drapery than needed for the current event.
  • The event is taking place in Southern California, and you would like us to do all of the work for you—from the delivery and install to the strike and pickup —so you don’t have to worry about how to put everything together properly and safely for your event.

If these points apply to you, then it would just make more sense to rent your pipe and drape so you can lessen your stress and worry about how to put everything together, where you will have to store it all year round, and how you would be able to make use of it again in the future for a completely different event and configuration. Renting gives you the ability to have exactly what you want, where you want it, and for how long you will need it.