In years past, we have designed and printed an annual Sew What? tee shirt, and we loved getting photos from clients showing our tee shirts (and drapery bags) out on the road.  This past December, we decided we wanted to do something a little different. 

But what to choose?  We wanted something that our customers could actually use while on site or out on the road, and something that had some connection with our business, but we couldn’t figure out what.  Then, in our search for a fresh idea, we came upon the idea of a tape measure.  We use heavy duty tape measures on an hourly basis in our sewing shop.  Our cutting team uses them when cutting fabric.  Our sewing staff uses them to measure pleats.  Our quality control team uses them to ensure that the manufactured custom stage curtains are the specified height and width.  What better item to symbolize Sew What? Inc. but a tape measure?

And a tape measure definitely comes in handy for our customers.  They can measure a stage opening to determine the width of track or height and width of curtain needed.  They can measure the height of their pipe and base hardware to ensure that they are ordering the proper replacement pieces.  And they can even use it at home on DIY projects.

Guess what?  We were right – our customers loved it, and we have received several photos of the tape measures in use.  Here’s one…


Of course, we do still get asked whether we might do another tee shirt in the future – and who knows, we might get inspired at the end of this year – but from the comments we have received, the tape measure was a hit!