One of the drapes that is growing in popularity the fastest in Rent What? Inc.’s rental inventory is our Chameleon RGB Drapes. These gorgeous LED drapes are just wonderful for concert tours, theater productions, and other special events that you want to add a very unique touch to. These drapes allow you to use the supplied dmx controller and instruction manual to quickly and easily change the color palette and speed of the blinking lights, and specialize all sorts of fun color patterns for these drapes. And this can all be done ahead of time too, so that the drape would be all ready to go for the event!

You can see how beautiful these drapes look while they’re flickering between different colors. The versatility of these drapes to become unique to your special event’s theme is what makes them truly special. You can literally have as many color schemes as you’d like, and chose from hundreds of gradations on its almost infinite color palette.

If you really want something truly memorable for your special event, contact Rent What? to get more information on adding one of these amazing drapes to your stage!