Recently I was asked if I could help a band get “more mileage” out of their CD cover art. What do I mean by “more mileage?” In a nutshell, the cover art was a hand painted piece. The band name and title of the CD had been hand painted and integrated into the art as one flat piece. The challenge was, they wanted to use the CD art on a backdrop for their tour. The backdrop was 20’x 30′. As we all know, CD covers are square and, this piece had the title of the cd worked into the artwork so the text had to be extracted from the background and the elements, that you once had to imagine behind the text, had to be painted and “not” look like an afterthought. Using natural brushes and a few other tricks, I was able to extract the letters from the background, digitally hand paint the imagined graphic elements that would have been behind the text, extend the hand painted treatment to the left and right so that the art was now a rectangle and deliver a new digital piece. The band had print ready art for their backdrop within 48 hours, just in time for a video shoot.