We here at Rent What? Inc. seem to have the most creative and inspiring clients in the world. Their requests and visions help inspire us to keep creating new and innovative designs for our customers to be able to utilize for their special events. Recently we had the opportunity to help create a “Shadowbox” for some clients of ours in Las Vegas, which turned out to be a smash hit!

We basically helped turn some of our super easy to assemble and use Pop Up Dressing Rooms into a fun, flirty, and sometimes even naughty Shadowbox for their fun-filled “James Bond” theme event. The best part is that they were such a huge hit, now we have companies renting them for all SORTS of themed events and parties, because they are so easy to set up and use, and add such wonderful and unique flair. You can use them for any theme that a fun and striking silhouette would help add that special touch to.

Next time you are interested in adding something special and spectacular to your theme event, why not try adding a few Shadowboxes to it? Just imagine what one could add to YOUR event. It will be something your guests talk about long after the party is over!