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Monthly Archives: January 2012

10 01, 2012

Urban fabric graphics-

By |January 10th, 2012|Digital Printing|1 Comment

Sometimes you want your show to convey an urban edge. Nitty Gritty, concrete and steel, graffiti and decay. Attitude! I recently designed just such a graphic for a touring band. Using several concrete photographic assets, I created a 40′ wall that looked like it was straight out of south Detroit.

We added the band name in chipped paint like it had seen seven years of rain and snow. The thing that I think would put it over the top would be to have custom cut graffiti letters sewn to sharks tooth scrim and drop down over the wall like the logo and wall had been tagged.

The power of the progressive unveil. Something to think about when planning your show.

5 01, 2012

Cambio Projection Screens on Display

By |January 5th, 2012|Education, Products, Projects|0 Comments

For a versatile and affordable projection screen option, Cambio! is a great alternative to traditional projection screen material.  With its slight sheen, it lights beautifully and is suitable for both front and rear projection.

As the fabric is 10 feet wide, a seamless screen can be made up to 10′ x 10′, and larger screens can be made with minimal seams (that typically disappear when projected on).  Webbing on all four sides minimizes “hourglassing”, and the addition of grommets and ties allows the screen to be hung from the top and, if desired, tied to fixed uprights on the sides.  Screen too large to tie off to uprights, or no room on the stage for uprights?  Strategically placing a sandbag on each bottom corner will keep the screen taut.

A Cambio! projection screen can also be complimented by coordinating tension fabric shapes, also made of Cambio!  Tension fabric shapes are available in a variety of shapes, from triangles to stars to batwings, and in sizes up to 24′ x 40′.

This summer and fall, we worked with Faith Bible Church of The Woodlands, Texas, on just such a project.  We created a 19′ h x 32′ w Projection Screen in Cambio!, accompanied by three Triangle Shapes, 18′ x 18′, also in Cambio!  The pieces worked great for the church, and we were so pleased to be mentioned in the church’s blog.  Want to see a Cambio! Projection Screen in action?  Check out their blog.