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11 10, 2011

Is your logo just “Laying there?”

By |October 11th, 2011|Education|0 Comments

So you’re thinking to yourself, “my logo isn’t doing it for me anymore”. We need a new direction! A new look!
Things to consider when your logo isn’t speaking to you anymore are “Why and What? ”

Why isn’t this working anymore? = Does it feel dated? Does your initial design not look professional? Does your logo reflect where you were, and not where you are or where you’re going?

What are your logo goals? = Start our by benchmarking what your competition is doing? Is there perceived visual presence/value stronger than yours? What sets you apart?
The answers to these questions will get the ball rolling on the creative direction of your new logo design. 

6 10, 2011

Michelle Branch backdrop

By |October 6th, 2011|News|1 Comment

I recently designed the new backdrop for Michelle Branch for her 2011/2012 tour. I was approached by her creative team with the idea of putting together an eclectic stack of vintage amplifiers. The first task was to acquire images of vintage amps so that I could create a believable piece of art. As luck would have it, a music store that carries vintage amps was just ten miles away (Back Stage Music, Lake Orion) and they were willing to let me come a shoot all the pictures I needed.

The backdrop turned out fantastic.  Michelle liked it so much she invited me to her show, when they came through town, just to meet me and thank me for my work. No higher praise in my book. 

4 10, 2011

September Anniversaries

By |October 4th, 2011|Company, Sew What Team|0 Comments

Wow, in reviewing our anniversary list, I discovered that September has been a busy month for hiring over the years.  Four staff members had anniversaries in September. 

Please join me in congratulating them!

Michelle Cecena, Director of Operations – 3 years

Araceli Flores, Production Manager – 7 years

Antonio, Sewing Machine Operator – 3 years