We here at Rent What? Inc. pride ourselves not only on our competitive pricing, our amazing selection, our prompt deliveries and pickups, and our innovative designs, but also on our amazing customer service, or as we like to put it, “Ultimate Rentals, Extreme Service”. But I was thinking recently, what exactly is great customer service?

I did a little internet research on customer service, and I found a lot of good information on the subject. One article, 8 Rules of Good Customer Service, had some great points about listening to your customers, being helpful, and much more. I agree with the article wholeheartedly. But to me, while the eight rules constitute good customer service, you really have to go above and beyond to provide great customer service.

To me, when your goal is not only to give your customers what they expect, but to also go above and beyond to give them more than they ever dreamed they’d even want, then THAT is great customer service. When you can think ahead to any possible issue that might come up, and you are able to stop it before it even begins, then THAT is great customer service. When you go the extra step to make sure your clients get more than they dreamed they could get for a price within their budget, then THAT is great customer service. And when you consider every single detail and make sure that everything that is important to your client is now important to you too, then THAT is great customer service.

In today’s tough economy, there are a lot of companies out there competing for customers, so here at Rent What? we strive to be the easiest, friendliest, most creative, and most organized drapery rental business out there. But above everything else, I think that it is outstanding customer service that makes a good company great, and I am proud to say that, in my opinion, this is truly an area in which Rent What excels.