As you probably already know, the co-owner and president of Sew What? and Rent What? is Megan Duckett, who is a woman of many skills and talents. One of them is her unbelievably-rockin’ band Without Warning. We had a treat last week and were able to go see her band perform live at a wonderful little concert hall in Redondo Beach. Not only was it great for all of us to get together outside of work and help celebrate our boss’s amazing talents as a singer and most of all as a *ROCKER!*, but it was so much fun to be able to hang out with one another outside of the work environment!

Without Warning members Megan Dawn, Doug, DC, David, and Hughes

Even better was bringing several companies that we work so closely with on a day to day basis to come join in the festivities. We here at Sew What? and Rent What? really are a “family”, and a lot of these other companies are like family to us too. One business in particular has been a huge sponsor of Without Warning, and has also been an incredible company for Rent What? to have worked with for years. This company is All Access, who, with the help of Bob Hughes, encouraged Megan to audition for the band earlier this year, and has been indispensable with the band’s swiftly growing popularity ever since.

There’s nothing like “Rock and Roll Camaraderie” to bring everyone together on a Saturday night, and not have to worry about which black poly silk drapes are going where, what solenoid delivery needs to be made that next week, or the huge Austrian drape order that is next on the horizon. By spending some fun quality time with one another, we get to really get to know one another on a more personal level, and that grows into a richer admiration and respect for each other that we might not otherwise have.

 This makes us stronger as a company, and that translates into better customer service and quality of product for our clients. Who knew that getting together to enjoy a little rock and roll could have such far reaching benefits for everyone?