I have posted about the wide variety of specialty drapery collections that Rent What? has available for rent, from “Rockin’ Red” to “Industrial Textures” to “Delightfully White” and beyond.  At Rent What? we have tried to think “outside the box” to continually re-imagine soft goods and stage decor to create interesting and beautiful new drapery options for our clients.

Today, I want to give you a sneak preview of our newest specialty collection, the “Swanky Collection.”  We have just added the first piece in the collection, and it is definitely something different.  Rather than a traditional custom stage curtain made of fabric, instead this piece is actually a series of individual linear pieces composed of mirrored plates suspended on invisible threads. 

Each thread of mirrored plates is separate and distinct – different heights, different placement of mirrored plates – allowing a completely customizable dazzling linear mobile.  By attaching each thread to a different location on the stage truss, you can create a unique mobile “drape” for every show.

I am so excited about this new piece.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  Stand by as we add more “Swanky” pieces to the collection – I’ll keep you posted.

Want to get more information and see it in action?  Take a look at it currently on tour with John Legend.