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Monthly Archives: June 2011

13 06, 2011

More about “Without Warning”

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I told you recently about “Without Warning,” the band that Megan is a member of…Well, John Rios (who designed the logo for “Without Warning”) recently posted a blog talking about his inspiration for the logo design.  

It is really fascinating to me to hear an artist like John talk about his design process.  Want to hear more?  Check out John’s post at the GrafixJam blog.

P.S. Stand by for a surprise post this week.  Hint – it’s some late-breaking news about John Rios!

10 06, 2011

Looking for inspiration? Check out our portfolios!

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Whether you are staging a rock tour, designing a theatre, or planning a special event, custom stage drapes, wide format digital backdrops, and other soft goods can play an intregal part in bringing your vision to life.  But what if your vision is tenuous?  You have a general idea of the mood you’d like to create, but you are unsure of how to use drapery to help achieve that mood.  How about checking out the Sew What and Rent What portfolio pages?  We’ve got photos of many different projects that we’ve worked on in the past – I’m sure that you’ll see something that strikes a cord!

Rock ‘N’ Roll

Maybe the Katy Perry parachute inspires you towards a red, white and blue patriotic theme, or Chris Cornell’s Metal Mesh drape gets you think of a cool industrial look.  Remember, these looks aren’t just for Rock ‘N’ Roll – similar looks would work for a special event.


Maybe the gorgeous swags used by Jennifer Hudson inspire you, or the Austrian used by John Mayer at the Nokia fits the bill.  Traditional and dramatic theatrical drapery such as swags and Austrians aren’t just for traditional theatres – they look beautiful in any venue, whether it is a concert or a special event.

Digital Printing

Whether you choose a large scale backdrop with elaborate scenes, a step and repeat banner, or a geometric pattern, digital printing can be one of the most “custom” ways to achieve your vision.  Check out the terrific images we printed for Kenny Chesney, Sheryl Crow, and many more.

7 06, 2011

Lift Systems

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Continuing with my series of hardware systems available for rent at Rent What? (including kabuki solenoid systems, traveler track, and pop up! dressing rooms), today I thought I’d tell you about our rental lift systems.  When you are touring with an Austrian, a Braille, or any curtain that you want to lift, this system does the job.

Rental Hardware Collection – Lift Systems


  • 60 foot wide life system with 16 lines 4′ on center
  • Lifts an Austrian or Braille drape up to 40 feet high
  • Proven Reliability
  • Fixed speed / Up, Down & Stop
  • Operates on Single Phase 220v power.

A La Carte or Turn-key System

Compatible with any curtain which has lift lines on 4 foot centers. 16 fully connected lines spanning 60 continuous running feet. Single Controller for Up, Down and Stop commands. Centralized Motor. Ships in one crate with (optional) drape attached.

Why We Love It:

A motorized drape reveal with an exotic detailed drapery does not have to be a designer fantasy. This system is compact, user friendly and affordable . Take your show or event to the next level………whatever you plan to reveal – make it special

Famous Friends:

Our Ivory Austrian on this lift system is a tough act to follow…. Luckily the act was Lady Gaga! One of the most (in)famous artists in the industry, she wowed audiences with her performance “in between” our spectacular curtain moves.

3 06, 2011

May Anniversaries

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It is that time again, the time that we acknowledge the anniversaries of Sew What? staff.  There are about 30 staff members here at Sew What?  Some of our staff members are more visible to our customers, especially our sales reps.  But we also have many dedicated employees “behind the scenes,” working on our manufacturing floor day in and day out, making sure that our customers receive high quality custom stage curtains.

Today, I would like to acknowledge all of our manufacturing and warehouse staff for their longstanding dedication to Sew What? and our customers.  Here are three of them with anniversaries in May:

Raul, Shipping & Receiving Coordinator – 8 years

Sara, Sewing Machine Operator – 8 years

Roberto, Sewing Machine Operator – 6 years