Hello followers of the Sew What Inc. Blog. I was asked to contribute to this blog on a regular basis, so I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself first, so you’d know something about the person posting.

I own and operate Grafix jam, Ltd. Over the last sixteen years I’ve worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and creative consultant to a multitude of industries which include everything from the automotive industry , sports and entertainment industries , toy and game industries to you name it. I became aware of Sew What, Inc. a few years ago through working with a long time client, Ted Nugent. As luck would have it, Megan remembered me from that project, so when she needed someone to assist with illustration of the monstrously sized Crue Fest II dual stage, she contacted me, and the synergy was instant. Since then I’ve been in-trusted with working directly on several projects for Sew What Inc’s most valued assets, their beloved clients.

This brings us to today. My love of all things stage, show and rock-n-roll and my skill-set has found a more permanent home at Sew What, Inc. I look forward to focusing my creative energy on you, the client, and working with and assisting you in any way I can. Thank you, Megan. I’m ready to get the show on the road….