Continuing with my series of posts on hardware collections available for rent through Rent What?, today I thought I’d tell you about traveler track.  Most people think of traveler track as a permanent installation, but it is actually a terrific option for tours when clamped to truss.

Rental Hardware Collection – Traveler Track


  • Variable Width
  • Rope Operated or Walk Along
  • One Way or Bi-Parting
  • Strong Steel Construction
  • Powercoated Black
  • Durable, Quiet Carriers
  • 10′ and 5′ Sections for Easy Install
  • “Burgers” Clamp Straight to Truss

Why You’ll Love Our Track:

Just as important as having beautiful curtains is have reliable tracks that support and transport them across the stage. And when the drape fits the track and the track fits the drape, you’re in for a show!

We’re proud to feature a full complement of superior-quality American-made curtain tracks by ADC, one of the premier manufactures of theatrical curtain transport systems and the only brand that has won UL approval.

Available as a rental from the most basic manual walk along to a rope pull system, ADC tracks assure a moving performance at the highest standards.