This is Number 6 in my continuing series of posts on our Rockin’ Clients.  When I look at just a partial list of all the terrific artists for whom we have provided custom stage curtains, it is almost overwhelming!  I am really enjoying this opportunity to review the work we have done over the years and, along with my readers, learn more about these artists.

In the mid 1990’s in Southern California, three high school friends, Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, and Rob Bourdon, along with several other musicians, formed a band that they originally called “Xero,” later changed to “Hybrid Theory.” After struggling to get a record deal, the band, by this time named Linkin Park and with the edition of Joe Hahn and vocalist Chester Bennington, was finally signed in 1999 by Jeff Blue of Warner Bros Records and set to work on their first album (named “Hybrid Theory”).

Released in October, 2000, “Hybrid Theory” was a huge success, selling close to 5 million copies in its  first year and receiving a Grammy award for Best Hard Rock Performance along with two additional Grammy nominations.  Linkin Park also toured frequently, playing more than 300 shows in a year’s time.  The band continued to record over the next ten years, releasing one remix album and thee more studio albums, including 2010’s “A Thousand Suns.”

Sew What? was proud to be selected to produce custom stage curtains, including two cycloramas, for Linkin Park’s Fall 2010 tour.