Last month we did an interesting project for Janet Jackson’s 2011 tour.  Most of the time, we either make a theatrical drape or a scenic backdrop (often digitally printed).  In this case, however, we combined the two, with great results, and I wanted to share.

We started out by making a pair of Bi-Parting Traveler Curtains, each 30′ h x 30′ w, from sewn flat in Black 22oz Encore.  This achieved a traditional drapery look with deep blacks and full opacity.  We then added digitally printed elements by appliqueing one half of the digital design to the onstage edge of each of the drapes.  

With the drapes closed, the design is front and center, with the white of the digital design really “popping” against the deep black of the Encore drapes.  Want to see more?  There is a great photo of these drapes – check it out on Flickr.