Last year, I posted about some beautiful digitally printed backdrops that we made for Little Big Town’s 2010 tour.  Well, this year we were excited to be asked to provided additional scenic backdrops for their 2011 tour – and this time the project included not only two digital backdrops, but a gorgeous handpainted backdrop as well, all 24′ h x 40′ w.  Of course, the artwork was created by, you guessed it, John Rios of GrafixJam.

Each of the two digitally printed backdrops had a unique image – one in black and white depicting a country church, and the other a graphic image of a black bird silhouette over a red, yellow and black geometric pattern.

Photo Courtesy of Bobby Simmons

Gorgeous, isn’t it?  Even more impressive is the handpainted backdrop.  Painted on NFR Muslin and then treated for flame retardancy afterwards, this drop features an image of a hand-stitched American flag.

Photo Courtesy of Bobby Simmons

It’s beautiful as is – but there is a surprise waiting when the lighting changes!  You’d never realize it looking at the photo above, but there is a hidden message painted on it in invisible UV paint.

Photo Courtesy of Bobby Simmons

Pretty cool effect, don’t you think!  I remember when we first hung this in our production shop, after the painting was complete, and everyone was amazed at how beautiful it was.  It is so exciting to see it on stage, with all the lighting effects.  Wow!