There are so many ways to measure business success, but the one that we find the best is hearing from our clients that they are love our custom stage drapes.  What better way is there for a prospective new client to judge the quality of our work than by hearing from our current clients?  Here are just a few client testimonials that we have received recently at our sister company, Rent What?

The pop up dressing room is great. I love the ease of the buttons and not the old school buttons that hurt your finger tips trying to get it opened, etc

– Conan O’Brian Tour

The Carrie Underwood rentals with the velcro worked great- kept our turn around time short to just rip them down. I was very pleased with both products. That you had pre-assembled the swag and drape- everything was just fantastic, perfectly customized to be highly functional onstage and for that I am truly grateful. In this regard you guys are very uniquely service oriented.

– Carrie Underwood @ the ACMA’s

Twas a thing of beauty. Perfect as always!

– Nickelback Tour

Thanks for hooking us up with the awesome curtain.

– Hanson Tour

Thank you for the great gear you provided and the shop support you afforded us early on in pre production. Everything went great. We had a 100% success rate with our Kabuki drops.

You run a wonderful company and I look forward to working with you once again in the near future.

– Alice in Chains Tour

It worked out beautifully. The curtain was the perfect finishing touch to our children’s musical. It pulled everything together. My experience with Rent What? was pleasant from start to finish. I found everyone to be very helpful and professional. I will definitely rent from you again. Thank you!

– Daren Bachman

I appreciate how much time and care you guys put into your business. Your growth has been impressive, phenomenal, and well conceived. Thank you for everything.

– Local High Profile Staging Client

Seriously–that grey drop as the kabuki was absolutely perfect –I need to add kabuki effects to my every day life somehow, it’s such a thrill!!! ….rig one up in front of the dinner table, the candles flickering behind it and then woooosh! or surprise parties! or Christmastime! or blind dates! And the truss borders, holy moley, they really add a lot to the set, they were a huge hit. Muchas Gracias!

– The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s at the Greek

After years of interacting with you on the phone, it was great to finally be able to meet you! Thank you for your beautiful drapes and I’m happy to work with you every time I get the chance.

– Mary J Blige Tour