Traveler track is the most common way in which the custom stage curtains that we make are hung, and we are proud to be an authorized distributor for Automatic Devices Company (ADC), one of the major U.S. manufacturers of curtain track.

In many cases, the track is purchased by major theatre companies or music tours who are experienced in the installation of traveler track.  In other cases, however, the track is purchased by a school or other organization that has never installed curtain track and is, naturally, somewhat apprehensive about the prospect.

The reality is that, in most cases, installation of traveler track is a fairly simple, straight-forward situation, and there are several resources available to help.  ADC publishes a variety of schematics and installation instructions, which are available on our website.

At Rent What? they have a new set of instructions available for installing bi-parting traveler track. They spent some time looking at the various resources available to help with the install process and felt that this was an area where clients might have questions. They have tried their new instruction set with a variety of clients and feel it is “right on” for helping cut to the chase in terms of the rope threading and the carrier and end pulley placement. It’s great because it is written for the “layperson” and even includes pictures. You can view it here and here.