Performance that Rocks! Here are just a few reasons why you will want to consider Rent What? Inc for your next concert backdrop drapery rental.

At Rent What?, we’ve got the curtains and masking drapes for just about any kind of show, massive or minor. But just as important, we’ve got the creds. Our team has performed for many of the biggest names in entertainment, so we know the realities of dressing up a major venue and dancing around all the surprises that can pop up at the last second. It’s not just about having the right products, but having the experience and putting in the blood and sweat our customers remember when it comes to booking each new tour.

Really Big Drapes for a Really Big Show.

Masking drapes, Kabukis and backdrops – we’ve got them in heights up to 60 feet! With our extensive selection of quality, IFR drapery in various dimensions, the choices are endless. Travel hampers are always provided FREE when you rent your drapes with us.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Flame certificates – check! Burn samples – check! 24 hour service – check! Our well maintained inventory is ready for your show, from LA to New York and Boston.

Simple, Competitive Pricing & No Bill Backs.

Square foot pricing makes budgeting a breeze. And our optional damage waiver insurance offers coverage for road wear and tear, and means you don’t get billed back for damages.

An Inventory on Your Screen.

With our newly redesigned website, it’s never been easier to find exactly the drapes and answers you’re looking for. Our rental drape details and sizes are all viewable at the click of your mouse