At Rent What?, we’ve built a number of drapery collections that can stand on their own or be combined with other collections to create a wide variety of looks.  This allows some many different combinations that every show or event can truly have a unique look.  I’ve posted previously about several of these collections – including “Timeless and Traditional,” Delightfully White,” and “Silver Satin.”  Today, I focus on our “Rockin’ Red” collection.

Rental Drapery Profile Rockin’ Red


A La Carte Elements:

Select the perfect pieces to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget.

Why we love it:

Lightweight and luscious. This Rockin’ Red Series has texture,durability and drapeability all sewn up.

Famous Friends:

Robin Thicke and Rolling Stone Magazine love this drapery lineup.

Most Compatible With:

Industrial Textures fans will want to blend contemporary with traditional fabric drapes.


Red domination – stand back and watch while this Rockin’ Red Series takes on the Big Borg. While we may be small, this series is mighty.