I thought it might be a great idea to re-introduce our rental drapery collections as they have evolved since we first opened our doors at Rent What? just 2 short years ago. It is so exciting to see each of our series come to life in pictures – and to share some stories about each profile. Of course all our drapes are quality creations by none other than our very favorite seamstresses at Sew What? Inc. – quality, design, durability – we have all the bases covered.

Rental drapery profile – Delightably White


  • IFR 8oz Supervel, White
  • IFR Voile, White
  • IFR Glossy Satin, Ivory
  • IFR Glossy Satin, Champagne
  • FR Domino / Ivory-Gold

A La Carte Elements:

Select the perfect pieces to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget.

Why we love it:

Lights beautifully with a soft yet reflective finish. This pastel lineup is far from pasty.

Famous Friends:

A bevy of beautiful brides have enjoyed our Ivory “Au Naturale”. Sheryl Crowe rocked out and lit it up with color.

Most Compatible With:

Set the scene with this series, then pull focus with elements from our Seasonal Accessory Collection.


As the best man toasted the bride and groom, guests toasted the beautiful room – a la Ivory Satin.