Recently, Rent What? and Sew What? were excited to work with Daunte Kenner of DK Show Production & Design to help him bring his set design to life for Mary J. Blige’s U.S. tour.

In prior posts, I have mentioned the Starlight LED backdrops.  One of the great things about the Starlight LED drapes that Rent What? offers for rental is that they are available in two sizes (15′ x 30′ and 20′ x 20′), but they can be run horizontally or vertically and can be combined to make a much larger backdrop. That was the case in Daunte’s design for the Mary J. Blige tour – a number of Starlight LED drapes were combined to make up nearly 5,000 square feet of “starry, starry night”, covering the entire rear of the stage as well as both sides.

Daunte also selected from Rent What? a gorgeous 30′ h x 60′ w Silver Satin Austrian Drape for use as an Act Curtain.  Sew What? got into the act by manufacturing a custom “City Skyline” digitally printed scenic backdrop along with additional custom stage drapes.

It really was a fun project to work on, and it is exciting to hear that many of these same pieces with be a part of Mary J. Blige’s upcoming international tour dates in 2011!

Want to learn more about this project?  Click here.