I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, in my post about videos, that Megan had recently come upon a video that she received from a client back in 2009 for a Sonic Youth project we had worked on.  Well, I thought I’d tell you more about it (and show you the video, as promised).

While we are primarily of manufacturer of custom stage drapes, we don’t limit ourselves to standard theatrical drapery.  Often, we are asked by clients, particularly those in the music touring industry, to “think outside the (drapery) box” to make something a little different (though still fabric based).  This was one of those projects. 

We were asked by Dan Hadley to make Custom Light Pod skins to fit over frames.  The primary fabric used was Flame Retardant Natural Heavy Weight Muslin with Blackout Lining (also known as Passfoam) used on the inside (except for the back).  Then, using client providing renderings, we cut out a different design from the front of each pod and inserted natural scrim into the cutout.  Lastly, the client contracted with an artist to scenically paint the pods.

This really was a clever design.  By lining the front and sides with Blackout Lining, but then cutting out the designs and inserting the scrim, a variety of lighting techniques could be utilized to emphasize the design and even trick the eye into thinking that the design is moving.

Not quite sure what I mean?  Check out the video of Sonic Youth that Dan sent Megan: