It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is past, and the holiday season is starting in full swing.  Now’s the time to think about what custom stage drapes and other soft goods you might need for your holiday show or party.

Need some ideas?   See if these get your creativity going.

That Traditional Christmas Look

Inspiration: David Archuleta’s Christmas 2009 Tour

Specs: Gold Lightweight Velour Drapery, highlighted with festive red bows and large gold balls.  Add Christmas Trees, Wreaths, whatever you can imagine to set that festive holiday mood.

Winter Wonderland

Inspiration: “Silver Satin” and “Delightfully White” specialty drapery from Rent What?

Specs: A variety of Silver Satin drapes, from Austrians to Swags to Borders (and more) combine to evoke a romantic winter scene.  Add a little white with White Voile or Lightweight Velour Drapes, along with twinkle lights and a few snowflakes here and there for sparkle.

An Industrial New Year’s Eve

Inspiration: James Taylor; The Decemberists

Specs: Cool crinkly Metal Mesh gives a great industrial vibe, especially when lighted with spots in different colors.   Think about supplementing the look with tension fabric shapes, other crushed or textured fabrics in grey, silver and black tones, and metal pieces in a variety of finishes (pewter, silver, stainless steel, chrome, rubbed bronze, etc).

Still stuck for an idea?  Take a look at the Sew What? and Rent What? portfolios and Flickr for loads of inspirational photos and videos.