I posted back in August about LED Star Drops, but I wanted to tell you more about LED Drapes and offer some links to some cool photos.

The classic “starry night” backdrop that I posted about previously, was achieved with the ShowLED Classic system.  In this system, bluish white LED lights are used to create the “starry night” effect.  However, you can also exchange the bluish white LED lights for colored lights (red, blue, yellow, and green) for a colored light effect.

For those who want to quickly and easily change the colors (without having to physically change the LED lights), the ShowLED Chameleon is a great choice.  It is a RGB (Red/Green/Blue) system, meaning you can change the colors just through use of the menu structure on the controller.  Color changes can be done in the blink of an eye!

Sew What? is now offering custom LED Drapes utilizing either the Classic or the Chameleon system,and of course, Rent What? offers LED Star Drops for rent.

Check these great photos of LED Drapes using the ShowLED Classic and ShowLED Chameleon systems.  Ever wonder what a controller looks like?  Here’s a photo for you.