In the past, I have posted about different ways to use Pipe and Drape, in addition to traditional exhibit booths (such as for trade shows).  Well, recently we were contacted by Aaron Valdez, who asked for our help in creating a unique item using pipe and base hardware and custom drapery.

Aaron Valdez is the owner of “Perfect Shot Photo Booth.”  He had a great idea – utilize pipe and base hardware and custom drapery to create a portable photo booth for use at weddings and special events.  Aaron had the vision, but he needed help in figuring out how to achieve his vision. 

Gwen Winter (Sew What? Senior Sales) worked with Aaron in designing his “perfect” photo booth.  The hardware is simple – pipe and base hardware including uprights, bases, and telescopic drape supports.  It is the drapery that turns it into a photo booth.  We utilized Black 15oz Encore, which is not only a blackout fabric, but also has an attractive back, so that no lining was required.   The drapery was sewn so that the hardware was concealed both inside and out, and included a custom top as well.  Doorway openings were made on both sides, creating an entrance and an exit, and Pewter 15oz Encore was used as a trim, to make the entrance and exit easily identifiable to guests inside the booth.

I think it turned out great – what do you think?

I am also happy to say that Aaron was so happy with the process that he sent a great note of thanks:

I wanted to write and tell you thank you so much for all of your help in tending to our project. Your customer service as well as that shown by the entire staff at your company has been unparalleled. I was immediately impressed at the warm reception we received when we entered your office. What started out as a curious visit ended in you creating a design that was even better than I had ever imagined possible for our company’s application. The photo booth is now in full operation and is working excellently. It looks very professional thanks to your design ideas and your company’s implementation of it. Thank you so much for your help in our endeavor and you have certainly made us a lifetime customer.

I’d also like to add that I was especially impressed at how my designer, Gwen, sat down with us and made sure she understood exactly what my vision was and then created a design to fit my specific application. So many other companies only had a generic answer for me while Sew What? Inc. worked with me to design something that was exactly what I needed.

Aaron Valdez

Owner, “Perfect Shot Photo Booth”

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