As you may know if you are a regular reader of this blog, Megan is currently in Australia as part of Dell Computer’s “Take Your Own Path” launch.  It has been a whirlwind trip for Megan – first to Washington D.C. for the Inc 500/5000 Conference, and then directly from there to Australia.

It has worked out well for Megan – the first part of the trip was to Melbourne (her hometown), and so in addition to participating in a variety of activities as one of the TYOP Trailblazers, she has also had time to spend with family and friends.  Next up is Sydney, where more activities are planned for the Trailblazers.

On a related note, you may remember back in July I told you about an article about Megan and Sew What? that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald (the author, Lia Timson, met Megan at the DWEN Conference in Shanghai).  Well, Ms. Timson has an article out in My Business magazine in which she mentions Megan and Sew What?  Nice that the article should appear while Megan is there in Australia!  Click here to view the article.