As you may recall, last year about this time, Megan was selected by Dell Computers as a “Trailblazer” for its “Take Your Own Path” Campaign.  It was a real honor for Megan and Sew What? to be selected, and Megan enjoyed participating in various events related to “Take Your Own Path.”

Recently, Megan was contacted again by Dell Computers.  They were launching the “Take Your Own Path” Campaign in Australia, and they wanted Megan to be a part of it.  As a native of Australia who is now a US citizen and resident, Megan was delighted to return to Australia to share her story about the many ways that technology has enabled Sew What? to grow and develop over the years.

In a few weeks, Megan will be heading over to Australia to meet her fellow trailblazers and share her story.  I’m sure she’ll have lots of stories to share on this blog – I’ll keep you posted!